Monday, May 3, 2010

On the Verge of Collapse, But Very, Very Happy

We are in our new house!!! Closing finally went through last Thursday after yet another closing debacle the week before. Hubby was on a business trip in Alabama at the time, so I started moving stuff over in the sleigh by myself. Hubby got home Friday night and the next morning, some of our dearest friends showed up to help us load the Uhaul. We are IN! I can't tell you how fantastically large the new house feels. And the backyard is just massive. The dogs were running around acting like clowns yesterday. I think they've been absorbing a lot of our stress lately, so it was fun to see them cutting up and being idiotic. So as of now, we've been living in the house not quite 48 hours and I'd say I've got about half of it unpacked. I absolutely hate seeing boxes everywhere, so I just keep unpacking "one more" and the next thing I know, it's midnight. I came to work today to RELAX! ;-) Our new energy-efficient washer and dryer are supposed to be delivered tomorrow, which is great news as we're about to be engulfed by a mountain of laundry. One and a half more hours of work today and I can go home and get started on more boxes! My goal is to be completely done unpacking by Thursday as Hubby and I have plans Friday night. Saturday I want to get some stakes and twine and map out where the flowerbeds and garden will go in the backyard. I LOVE PROJECTS! :-)