Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Fly-by "Hi"

So! What have we been up to??

Unpacking (Hubby's study and game room ONLY ROOMS with boxes in them yet)

In-law visit! Mom and Dad flew down from PA to help us with painting, patio building, fence moving, ceiling fan hanging, work bench building, furniture buying, curtain hanging and Grandpuppy spoiling. And many, many more things because they are AWESOME!!! Everyone should be blessed with in-laws this wonderful. :-D

Whirlwind visit from an old friend...Mr Scott came in on Thursday, remembered what we were like and immediately left on Friday. ;-) Hope he is enjoying his new life in our nation's capital. Great seeing ya, Mr Scott!!

Pubcrawls, scavenger hunts, Susan G Komen volunteering, baseball games, building projects, cooking projects, and God only knows what else. It's been a crazy coupla months. But crazy is kind of how Hubby and I like things. Gutters are being installed on our house today. Which means dirt can be purchased for flowerbeds and gardens. Which means vegetables can go in the ground in the next few weeks. I could really not be more excited about FINALLY getting back into a garden! Right now I've got a sickly tomato plant, and an enormous basil plant. These were sort of unplanned forefathers for the new garden. I can't wait to get the dirt and get digging!

So that's all for now. More to come soon, I promise!