Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A pleasant surprise for our last day

Someone, somewhere must've been listening to the whining from the little Texan on vacation in Pennsylvania..."Where's the snow? What'd you do with all the snow?" When Hubby and I got up this morning to feed the Brats, big, fat snowflakes were drifting down. Being lazy, we of course went back to bed after the kids had eaten their breakfast, but by the time we really got up, there was a light dusting of snow across the backyard. We immediately got bundled up and took the dogs out to enjoy the cold stuff. Abbey and Orion were their usual gleeful selves ("Yea! Snow! We like snow!"). Schnitzel, even though he was wearing a t-shirt, mostly sat around shivering. He'll learn to like snow one of these days. He better, anyway. If Mommy has her way, we'll be living in Colorado or Pennsylvania one of these days.
Tomorrow is the first leg of our journey home. We'll be over-nighting in Chatanooga (about 11 hours) and then doing the big drive the next day (13 hours). Should be home in time for a late dinner on Friday night. Can't wait to get in our big old bed! Though the guest bed here is quite comfy, it gets a little crowded with the whole pack piled in.

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