Saturday, February 14, 2009

French Toast!!

Hubby must have read my mind (or my blog) about making french toast with the homemade bread. As I was clutching desperately to my first cup of coffee this morning, some amazing aromas started issuing from the kitchen. A few minutes later, two plates of big, fat slices of french toast made their way to the table, delicately sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar. FANTASTICO!! Not only am I married to the world's sweetest Hubby who brings me daisies and roses for Valentine's Day, but he cooks me homemade french toast as well! :-D
Sorry - no pics. My brain doesn't operate at 100% in the morning and this was during the first cup of coffee (Celestial Seasoning's Caramel Mocha freshly ground and brewed for yours truly by adorable Hubby).
Eat yer heart out. :-D

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