Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Flyby Posting

Hubby and I had corn tonight from the garden. He thinks we let it stay on the stalks too long as it was somewhat chewy. Another lesson learned. I'll be ripping the used up stalks out of the ground tomorrow and putting in some new ones. I'm determined to get some corn!
Other things are growing like crazy right now. I'm currently making my first ever batch of PICKLES!!!! We got quite a few cucumbers off the plants this past week, and I don't want them to go bad. The recipe I'm using says I should come out with about 4 pints. We'll see. My very first pickle attempt ever is Spicy Bread and Butter pickles. I am a pickle fanatic while Hubby can live without them, so there's a good chance that if they're edible, I'll be offering you some. The cucumbers are still growing like crazy, so I'm sure this will not be my only batch of pickles this year. I plan to try a couple different recipes and find one I love.
The newly planted green and wax beans are doing very well. They're probably about 4 inches tall already. We've had a bit of a dry spell down here, so I've been watering them at least every other day. :-( The squash plants are also doing well so far.
I know I've promised an update (and we've got some really exciting news), but the timer is going off on the pickles. Told you it was a flyby! I'll try to post more tomorrow.

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