Monday, April 6, 2009

Poor, Poor Precious Princess Pooh

I think I've mentioned before that Abbey is our vet-lover. With one thing and another, it seems she is ALWAYS at the vet and we joke with him that it's because she has a crush on him in particular.

Abbey is prone to sebaceous cysts. She has had one on her rump for 3.5 years that the vet has been supremely unconcerned with. This last year, we also noticed four others, though they were much smaller than the one on her hiney. We've asked numerous times about having them removed and always gotten the same response: "It doesn't seem to bother her and they're usually not worth putting the dog under anaesthesia to remove them. Unless they burst..."

...yeah....unless they burst. :-)

The last time we went to see our vet, we brought up the cysts again and I guess he was tired of hearing about them since he consented to doing surgery to remove them. The surgery date was set for Friday, April 10.

Guess what happened Sunday, April 5? :-) I'll give you a hint!!!! *pop*

Since it was a Sunday, Dr Larry was not available, so Hubby and I had to improvise. We flushed the area with hydrogen peroxide and put guaze on her wound and then realized we didn't have any Ace bandages, so we tore up a t-shirt and tied that around her to get her through the night. Abbey sporting her t-shirt bandage look

First thing Monday morning, Abbey got to do what she loves most - go see Dr Larry! I guess it was a slow day at the office and he realized that, now that one had burst, we were going to bug him something silly until the rest came off. I got a call at 2ish saying that Abbey had gotten through surgery just fine and would be ready to come home in a little bit.

Our beautiful golden now has four bald spots and stitches everywhere. The vet tech said she looked like "Franken-doggie." I couldn't agree more. :-( But at least now they've been removed and hopefully we can go a little while before heading back up to Marina Bay Animal Hospital to see Dr. Larry. Don't tell Abbey that though!

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