Wednesday, May 20, 2009

He's Building a Spreadsheet! Hope is ALIVE!!

You may remember that a few months back, I went looking at model homes with my very, very good friend, Li'l Boss. Boy did that really set the ball rolling. I have since been obsessing over different builders and their online floor plans, desperate to find a new home for the Butler clan. Flash back to Easter, and we were on our way to some friends' house for dinner and I saw off the road a new developement going in that I hadn't heard of before. A few weeks later, I deliberately drove by the neighborhood again to see what it was called, and see if I could find out who the developer was. A few weeks after that, I again talked Li'l Boss into going with me to check out their model homes. Both their models were single stories, and I definately want a two story, so we asked at the front desk if they had some inventory homes available to see. Li'l Boss and I then ran around the neighborhood for over an hour with a key, letting ourselves into every inventory house they had. :-D House shopping is fun! Anyway, I found THE house!! With THE garage! In THE neighborhood! Two weeks ago, I managed to talk Hubby into driving through the neighborhood to see what he thought. This past weekend, he went with me to see three of the inventory homes (I wanted to see which one he liked best of my fave three) and he liked the same house as me!! :-) Being very familiar with the way my Hubby works, when we got home, I tried my best not to ask him what he thought or bug him about it at all. I lasted 12 whole hours!! ;-) Yesterday, I noticed that he had moved the pamphlet of information about the homes from the dining table to his desk in the study, so I had to ask him if he'd been looking at it. I got the best answer anyone married to Hubby could ask for!!! "I'm looking through the information and BUILDING A SPREADSHEET" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! That is Round Two, folks!!! Hubby is very methodic about making decisions, which is good because I normally run around with my hair on fire making snap decisions. Over the years, he's rubbed off on me somewhat and I've applied a lot of his techniques to this house search. I actually have a spreadsheet myself of different developers and the features of the floorplans I like. I've done all the initial research and now it is up to Hubby to bring it home (literally). :-) And it looks like he's game!!!! :-) The neighborhood we're looking at is in our current town, but on the other side of the tracks, so to speak. It has more than twice the square footage of our current home and the builder is opening a new section of the developement in the next month or so, which will free up some big lots to build on. Hubby and I are looking into taxes, insurance, fees, etc and will hopefully be ready to put earnest money down on a lot when the builder opens the new section. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted on the house journey as it progresses. I can't believe this may really happen. :-D

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