Friday, May 1, 2009

Part 2 of 'Whirlwind Weekends "

This past weekend, Hubby and I were amazingly honored to be named Godparents for our little nephew, Peanut. I think it shows some truth faith from Hubby's sister cuz I don't know if I'd let me raise a kid. ;-) Seriously, we were incredibly honored and proud to hold Peanut in front of the whole family and promise to do our best by him. Peanut is my first nephew and Hubby's first niece OR nephew. Hubby is very, very smitten with the little guy and already talking about fishing trips when Peanut gets older and taking him to see the New York Yankees play baseball. Peanut is currently 6 months old, so I think we have a little while till then. :-)
I'm afraid I can't post any pics of the little guy right now. I totally forgot to ask my sis-in-law for permission to put her baby on the world wide web and I have a pretty strick rule with myself about such things. Take my word for it that he is adorable and has a great big "let me eat yer face" kind of smile. Totally cute and adorable!
My own nieces, Mirney and Carebear are going to be up in Peanut's neck of the woods pretty soon. They've spent the better part of a year trying to raise money to go to a dance-camp kind of thing in New York City with their drill-team squad. They're 15 and 14, so I'm sure they're just THRILLED with hitting the Big Apple next month. I still get a thrill every time I go into the city and I hope they love it as much as I do. While they're there, they'll be taking in all the sights, going to a Broadway musical and then...OMG how exciting...they get to do a dance workshop with the Rockettes!!! I wish I could go with them just to check that out. Hopefully they take lots of pics. :-)
Anywho! Back to our crazy, whirlwind weekend! Hubby and I flew into Philadelphia around noon on Friday and immediately went to the "best beer hall in Philly" - Monk's Cafe. Most of their beers were Belgium, which I can live without, but I did find a lovely little beer that I enjoyed immensley - Philadelphia Brewing Company's "Rowhouse Red" - a very nice little "bierre da mars" - which apparently translates to Farmhouse Ale. :-) After sipping our brew and enjoying some gourmet grub, we abandoned Philly for Allentown, the home of Hubby's youth. Hubby's folks called us on the way there and told us to pick up his two crazy-fun grandmothers and meet them at the local pub for dinner. I was so seriously not even remotely hungry, but I managed to choke down a Greek salad and an iced tea. Hubby devoured two beers and a Philly cheesesteak. :-) That's my man! After dinner with Mom, Dad, Mammy, Grandma and Aunt Janet, Hubby and I went over to Aunt Janet's house to meet her two new dogs. If you remember back to the start of this blog, we took our dogs over to Aunt Janet's house at Christmas to play with her two pooches Blanca (Toy Fox Terrier) and Mocha (Cock-a-poo). Aunt Janet recently welcomed the most adorable Jack Russel Terrier (Eddie) and Pug (Dexter) into her family. We stayed over there for quite a while getting a puppy breath fix. After Janet's house, Hubby and I finally made it to Mom and Dads' and called it a night.
The next morning, we woke up early, packed our bags again and we all headed for Montrose, PA (one stoplight folks!). We stopped on the way for donuts and coffee. Donuts were Mom's idea, coffee was mine! :-) When we rolled into Montrose, we met up with our brother-in-law (Peanut's Dad, Folly) and he took us out to a friend's property on the outskirts of town to do a little pond fishing. I've never touched a fishing pole in my life and I will not lie and say I was a natural. It took me a full 30 minutes to figure how to cast the bait without killing anyone around me. Hubby and Dad did pretty well. No one caught anything worth keeping, but they seemed to catch more fish than the rest of us combined. After fishing, we went back to Sis-and Bro-in-laws house for some pizza. Folly was having a busy weekend himself. His mom was being honored by the Montrose Chamber of Commerce as the Citizen of the Year that evening and Folly was supposed to sing at the event. We stayed at their house playing with Peanut until right before the dinner, then excused ourselves back to the hotel for a little siesta and then some dinner ourselves. By the way, if you should ever find yourself in Montrose, PA you need to do two things: you need to stay at the Rosemont Inn and you need to go to The Sweet Spot - FANTASTICALLY yummy chocolate! After dinner, Hubby and I met back up with Folly and Bozo (I did NOT give my sis-in-law this nickname and I only use it because I don't like using real names on this blog). We then proceeded to paint the town of Montrose red. We hit two of the three bars before crawling back to bed at 2 a.m. The next morning, we got up, made ourselves as presentable as possible and went to the church to become Godparents. Hubby and I had no idea what to expect, as neither of us is in any way Catholic. I'm pretty sure we both look terrified in the pics.. A reception at the in-laws house followed with a parade of people (I swear it was the whole town) coming through to see the newly baptized Peanut. After everyone had gone and cleanup was through, we were back in the car and back to Allentown. :-( I would've enjoyed spending a little more time with Bozo, Folly and Peanut, but hopefully Hubby and I can get back up there another time this year. Hate to think that we won't see Peanut again until he's walking. :-(
Monday was mostly busy helping Mom and Dad mulch their flowerbeds and then flying back home. Houston was having some pretty nasty weather that night, so our plane did some circling at 20,000 feet and then ended up setting down in San Antonio for a half hour while we waited for the storms to pass. Hubby and I made it back to H-town at ten; just in time to play with the Brats, take a shower, go to bed and get up again for another week of work.
After the last two crazy weekends, I can't tell you how glad I am that we have virtually nothing planned this weekend! The garden is in desperate need of attention, so we'll likely spend most of tomorrow in the backyard. Sunday, my pseudo-niece, Smiley, is turning three and I'm planning to go to her birthday party. I bought her this really annoying toy that dances and sings. Mwa ha ha ha ha! :-)

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