Thursday, April 1, 2010


So Hubby and I are supposed to be closing on the new house a week from tomorrow.

All I can currently think of is how many ceiling fans needs to be purchased, how many window treatments need to be ordered and whether or not we can move the house, garage, attic and storage unit all in one day (I'm betting no). I'm trying to get excited about the whole venture by thinking of all the space we're going to have. The kitchen island will be a godsend. Having the utility room in the house will be amazing. I'm not too keen on the see through glass shower door (I am just a private person - bite me!), but I think I can talk Hubby into putting up some frosting or something on it. Otherwise, I'll be showering upstairs. Some silly things are exciting me. I get to get a new toaster. :-) I've had the same toaster since I moved out on my own 14 years ago. I want a new one! Hubby is also talking about updating our washer and dryer with front loaders. I bought our current washer and dryer used in 1998 and to tell the truth, I'm amazed they still work. I have no idea how old they actually are. The prospect of cooking on a gas stove has me thrilled beyond belief. But for a person that hates to vacuum, 3500 square feet of mostly carpet seems daunting. And being that private person, not having window treatments on the street facing windows the day we move in will drive me nuts. I'll be walking around in the dark so no one can see in the house. :-)

It will all work out. I just need to breath and try to be optimistic.

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