Sunday, March 15, 2009

And...Kris's Dream Home...

Sorry for the two-post post, but Blogspot was not happy about the size of all the pics. ;-)
Kris's dream home is an actual model home. They have done some FANTASTIC things with the inside of this house!
Formal Living - love the wall treatment!
Study view 1
Study view 2
Click on the pic. I'm so sad this came out so dark. "The Cool Mom Who Goes on Girls' Nite With Us" liked the arrangement over the door, so we took a pic. Damn the lighting!
Formal dining (can't really see it in the pic, but there's a lovely built-in buffet behind the table)
Fantastic kitchen
The game room, upstairs...
How fantastically awesome is the Rubic's Cube table?!?!?!
Wet bar with wine chiller
Media Room 1
Love, love, LOVE the red velvet curtains in the media room - how authentic!
Very cool "Hang Ten" room
"Kim Possible" Room (Does that say "BEER"?????)
Cool bedspread and wall art with Egyptian hieroglyphs (SP??)
Continuing the Egyptian theme in the attached bath.
Really cool wall art - totally Design on a Dime!
The Piece de Resistance! The gorgeous wall treatment around the two story family room!
Great ideas for decorating!

I had a fantastic time checking out houses with Lil Boss and "The Cool Mom Who Goes on Girls' Nites With Us" - thanks you guys! Let's do it again sometime! I saw a few houses on Plantation/Coventry that are bound to be AWESOME in person!! ;-)

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