Sunday, March 15, 2009

House Hunting and Other Pipe Dreams

For someone who has never lived outside of Southeast Houston in her ENTIRE life, I have lived a nomadic existence. As the child of a single mother, we moved whenever HUD told us to, or when a nice, cheap apartment came available. Before I left the nest, I'd lived in at least nine different apartments that I can remember. From 21 till I moved in with Hubby (at 27) , I had 8 apartments. Hubby and I bought our house four months after we moved in together, which has us in this house almost six years now. We chose a small house when we were looking - it has a GREAT layout and a very open feel. The idea was that this would be our "first" house and that we would work on it and learn from the experience and move on in about five years. Did I mention it'll be six years in May? :-) I just don't have the ability to lay down roots! Even though I literally have roots growing in the backyard, I have found myself seriously bitten by the new-house bug the last few weeks. My very, very good friend, Lil Boss, was talking a few weeks ago about moving and it got me in the mood to just, you know, LOOK. :-D I had done a little online shopping and found a builder in the area that I thought looked promising and managed to talk Kris (Lil Boss) into going with me to inspect model homes. Her mom Jan, known in our group as "The Cool Mom Who Goes on Girls' Nights With Us" came along as well. I think Kris and I both fell in love with different houses (and not the ones either of us went to see - HA). Now I just have to talk Hubby into moving and Kris into moving in down the road. Midnight Margaritas and general bedlam commencing shortly thereafter. :-D
Some pics of the inventory house I fell in love with (Meritage Homes - Fredericksburg {hysterically ironic that it's named Fredericksburg as Hubby and I have talked about moving to Fredericksburg, Texas}): Okay, seriously, how much punctuation can I fit into one sentence???
Dining Room
Kitchen View 1
Kitchen View 2
Living Room 1 (sorry so dark)
Living Room 2
Master Bath with his and hers walk-in closets, separate vanities and garden tub
Upstairs game room with wet bar - in mine and Hubby's house, this would be an in-home bar area. We'll have a party, you can come. ;-)
Game room view 2
Patio off the game room
Media Room off the game room (HEY! If you're dreaming, do it BIG!)
Side-mounted 3 car garage
The "Parking Lot" as I cannot stop calling it.


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