Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Things That Excite Married Women

So last Thursay, the 5th, my office building was having some construction repairs done and we were warned that parking was going to be a nightmare. Anyone with a company laptop should just work from home. Now, I LOVE me some work from home days. Contrary to human nature, I do not slack off considerably when I work from home. I totally enjoy the lack of cube farm noise and the fact that I don't have to get out of my PJs, do my hair and makeup, etc but I get a lot of work done usually. However, I will also do any chores that aren't too time consuming. I'll start a load of laundry or the dishwasher or whatever. So last Thursday, as I'm running around in my pajamas and I've got my iPod blaring out of my computer speakers, I decided to start the dishwasher. And five minutes later noticed something smelled "hot." Not like smoke, but definitely like something was overheating. Yep, you guessed it...the motor on our dishwasher had given out. With a full load in it. I immediately turned the machine off and kept checking the area for a while to make sure it wasn't starting a fire. That night and Friday, Hubby and I unloaded all the dishes and washed them by hand. This was the scene in front of our house for Monday's trash colleciton...

This was the scene IN our house after Monday's trash collection...

Now, I don't mind cooking dinner every night for my family and cleaning up afterward, but I was not going to be washing dishes by hand every night, so I told Hubby that he would be taking me out to eat until a replacement was installed. After doing a little comparison shopping at different stores in the area over the weekend, we went to Lowe's Monday after work and managed to fit a new Whirlpool dishwasher in the back of the Sleigh. Hubby, ever the engineer, took over the installation.

Ooooooh....pretty!!!! :-D And NEW! No more handwashing the dishes before they go in the machine!! :-D

All the Brats took turns sniffing and playing in the box. Tiki took quite a liking to it and after a while, pulled rank on the dogs, claiming it as Chupacabre territory.
As if a new dishwasher weren't ridiculously exciting enough, when Hubby was removing the old dishwasher, the connection between the D/W and the garbage disposal snapped in two. Apparently both the D/W and the disposal were original to the house cuz the connection between them was completely rusted out. So, I got me a new garbage disposal too! WOO HOO!!!! And it came with an unexpected bonus! Here is the drain cover from the old garbage disposal...


And here is the PIMPING drain plug that came with the new disposal. Check out the stainless y'all. I'm high rolling now!!

It's occured to me more than once that the things that excite me now are very, VERY different from the things that used to turn me on. :-D

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