Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rion's Birthday Fieldtrip

It is so hard to believe that Orion is now FOUR YEARS OLD!! Seems like just yesterday that we adopted the little fuzzball that earned the name "Stinky" with his inability to accept house training. :-( My BABY!!! While we usually celebrate his adoption day in April with a get-together of all his doggie friends, January weather is not really good for hanging outside with all the furbies, so his birthday is usually pretty low key. A quick trip to Petsmart and maybe an outting to Boondoggles, and an extra snackie. :-)
But Grammy can always be counted on to remember his birthday and send him a card to make him feel special! :-)
"SCORE! Mom, take me shopping!"
So, off to PetSmart we went. After MUCH indecision on his part...

...We came home with an "Evil Cuz," a very cool teddy bear from Kong that has minimal stuffing and velcro in the back so you can replace the squeakers as they get murdered, and ...
...a gigantic stuffed polar bear that was "christmas" and therefore 75% off. :-) Not a bad haul!
What was Rion's favorite toy?
Thank God they're replaceable in the velcro teddy!

As a funny side note, Worm has completely claimed the Cuz as his own. He LOVES it - looks pretty hysterical dragging it around the house too!

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