Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're in the Army Now!

Several times a year, our favorite local brewery (okay - ONLY local brewery, but we'd love it even if there were more!) has a pubcrawl/scavenger hunt. St Arnold's sends out an email to their "Army" of fans with rhyming verse clues that point to 5 Houston-area bars. They show an item at each of these bars that you need to find, take a picture of yourself with, and email to the brewery. The first 200 people to send their pictures to the brewery are then invited to a private party at the brewery with FREE BEER! Do I need to tell you that Hubby and I participate in these and ALWAYS manage to get on the invite? Usually at the private party, the brewery owner, Brock Wagner, gives away two kegorators. Sadly, though we faithfully participate, we have yet to win a fancy shmancy kegorator. We'll just have to keep drinking out of the converted chest freezer in the garage. :-) Anyway, here's some pics from the latest party. The scavenger hunt was actually at the end of November, but with the holidays, the kegger party was put off until January. If you are not a member of the Saint Arnold's Army, get yer butt on their mailing list and come join the fun!

"Das Boot!!"

...boot sad....

Brew Chicks

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