Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stinky's Spoiled

We bought our car (2008 Toyota Highlander, "The Sleigh") because it filled all of our needs. I'm a complete geek and made a spreadsheet of all the things that were important to us and researched a lot of cars to see where they fit in the spreadsheet. We needed a car that had a lot of cargo area so that we could keep all our goodies in the back and not invade the dogs' turf, also known as the backseat. Abbey, our golden, is phobic about seats for some reason and prefers to ride in the floor, so we also needed a car that had plenty of floorspace in the back. She's a big dog. The sleigh fit both bills perfectly. The cargo bay is nice and spacious and the back floorboards are to die for. To be honest, the floorboards in the back were what pushed us over the edge and are the reason we went with the sleigh. The only thing less than stellar about the sleigh is the gas mileage, but it's still better than some other SUVs. On the way to Pennsylvania, we were not surprised to find Abbey in the floor and Rion and Worm curled up together on the seat. We were surprised on the way home, however, to find Schnitzel on the floor with Abbey and Stinky hogging the ENTIRE SEAT!!!! Poor little Worm was half under the driver's seat with just his little head and shoulders sticking out and Stinky was sprawled out across the bench seat with room to spare at either end. Greedy little monkey!


  1. Schnitzel looks snug and warm in his little spot.

    Glad everyone made it home safe and sound!! Hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday season!!

  2. He'd been trying to hop over the console to sit on my lap in the front seat (BAD HABIT we got into), and gave up and fell asleep under the seat. :-) I think he found Abbey's presence comforting.